Monday, February 01, 2016

Getting Started - The Body Coach 90 Day SSS Plan

Here starts my 90 day journey to a healthier, leaner self.


You may have seen me mention the 90 Day SSS Plan in my post about Achieving in the New Year. The plan was created by the lovely Joe Wicks himself so that he can educate and give knowledge to people in order to create a healthier lifestyle that is sustainable long term which means no crash dieting, no fad diets, no calorie deprivation and certainly NO STARVING oneself. 

I have always been dubious about diets, exercise course, eating plans and workout videos such as insanity etc as there are so many out there and each with a contradicting message which I find hard to cumulate all that information and see how anyone could sustain it. Disclaimer; I don't delve into new diets and plans often as my healthy is my number 1 priority and am always very careful on the information I rely on. 

After following Joe on Instagram and Facebook for almost two years and have been deeply interested in his recipes, ethos and of course client transformations. I have payed very close attention to his rapidly growing fanbase and of course his advice in order to follow a better lifestyle and decided that it was definitely something I wanted to try. 

To date I have gone from 98.9 kg (15.8 stone OR 218 lbs) to 62.4 kg (9.8 stone OR 137 lbs) making it a total loss of 36.5 kg (6 stone OR 80 lbs) in a year and a half. I have generally been living a healthier lifestyle for the last two. Making changes like cutting out meat (I've been vegetarian for two years), processed foods, most dairy and the abundance of crap I used to eat like McDonald's, Burger King (the list goes on). I am proud of how far I have managed to come by myself but have hit a plateau which is very disheartening for how far I have come and what I have left to achieve. 


Signing up is the lengthy bit of starting the plan. Once signing up on The Body Coach website and submitting my payment I filled in a very comprehensive questionnaire which left no question unturned and gives my coach a lot of information about me, my lifestyle, fitness level and current eating habits as I had to submit a basic food dairy of the types of foods I'd often eat throughout the week.

I submitted my before pictures which definitely drilled in why I was starting this in the first place and was then informed that my plan would be with me within 3 to 5 days. Mine took 4 days to arrive and I assume it had taken longer due to previous health issues and intolerances that I mentioned in my questionnaire.


There is no denying that when the plan dropped in my inbox, I was feeling very overwhelmed. My plan was extremely detailed and consisted of just under 100 pages of everything you could need to know such as why you'll be eating this way, tailored recipes, water intake, recommended supplements (optional), workouts and of course links to advice videos and workout videos specific to clients on the plan. I mentioned in my plan that I do not drink milk and try to limit dairy so I was given substitutes and of course my choice of milk I like to drink which is usually almond milk or rice milk. 

The whole 90 Days is split into 3 sections; Cycle 1, Cycle 2 and Cycle 3 which all last a month. The plan I received was purely for Cycle 1 so after taking a few days to read my plan I felt at ease with all the information I had received. A few questions had already popped into my head and I reached out to my coach who replied so quickly with a response so helpful (believe me I have sent her a lot of questions). My coach Kat is absolutely lovely and so great with her answers and support that I do not feel there is a question too stupid to ask. 

TIP - I printed my plan out at my local stationary shop and organised everything into categories in a file so that I could quickly switch between information, recipes, exercise etc. Organisation is key with this much information and paper to deal with. 


Recipes contained within my plan are all looking fantastic and truly things I cannot wait to get stuck into and try. There are reduced carb meals as well as carb fuelled meals depending on what your activity is that day. There is a great range of main meals, lunches and breakfast foods as well as a snack breakdown of what you are allowed. Obviously everyones plan is different and tailored to their body's needs therefore recipes and weights can be different and the same with snacks. 

There are also handy meal planners included which of course you could always make yourself but for pre-planning and initially getting your head around the plan I have found a great help for seeing what I am supposed to eat.

The Body Coach is always talking about prepping like a boss throughout this plan in order to make sure you never have an excuse not to eat your food or do your workout. This is the exact guidance I needed as it is always easy to grab something quick when you don't feel like cooking.

DO NOT worry about portion sizes and starving yourself, this definitely wont be the case as the portions are very generous and full of the nutrients our bodies need for fuel. 


When signing up to the plan, I was under the impression that along with the food, I would be told what to eat as well as what exercise to do yet this wasn't the case. I thought I would prefer this option but I think I am actually going to prefer the freedom to choose when I exercise and what I eat before and after. 

There are some fantastic links to videos on HIIT which is what Cycle 1 is purely about. Elevating that heart rate and burning that fat! I am excited about this as I have done a few HIIT sessions and although it is a shorter workout than I would normally do, it definitely achieves the results. 

Don't fear fitness levels - this plan isn't just for those who are exceptionally fit. Believe me, I have the fitness of a hibernating bear but there are beginner videos and also different methods of HIIT that are adaptable to each person. I aim to be doing my HIIT's 4 to 5 times a week as recommended as it shouldn't be too hard to squeeze in!


Obviously nothing is free but here are a few of the main reasons why I didn't feel £147 was a huge price to pay. 

1) Personal Training - I have thought of investing in personal training sessions but not only is that only the exercise part of things; would also cost me around £440 a month working on an average hourly charge of £55 twice a week which is not a lot of guidance and a lot of money to go with. For 90 days this would work out to £1,320 (on average) which I for one cannot afford just for an hour of personal one to one training. 

2) Nutrition - A similar point to personal training. It isn't free to get a personalised plan nutrition wise and although you could quite easily do this yourself if you have any clue about food, I really feel that this and the exercise is where I must be going wrong. 

3) Support - Although personal trainers are supportive during the sessions, I have had a few in the past that aren't very supportive throughout the rest like if I had questions, if something needed changing and just in general having someone to talk to who understands that this is a new journey. With the 90 Day SSS Plan I have access to my own coach, someone I can bounce ideas and questions off and someone who is supportive and understanding. 

All of this taken into account I really felt this plan not only hits all the points I want but also isn't an extortionate amount of money to be spending and if you can't afford it as a once of payment you can pay it monthly for each cycle which some may find easier.


After all of that information I am ready to take this head on. I am ready for the ups and lows, the gains and the losses and I am super excited to see where I will be not only at the end of this month but at the end of the plan. 

I am going to document as much as I can over on my Instagram and YouTube so be sure to follow those for day to day updates!

If there is anything I have left out or any questions you may have or even what you would like to see while I document my progress then leave it in the comments. 

So today, February 1st marks DAY ONE of change.

Let's do this! 

I have not been sponsored to review this plan and have paid for it myself


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