Thursday, June 02, 2016

NEW bareMinerals Skinsorials Skincare

Calling all bare skinned beauties, a new launch that is sure to change your skincare game!

If you have been anywhere on social media in the last few months you would have seen the exciting sneak peak of the brand new soon to launch skincare line from bareMinerals. Featuring four brand new cleansers, a universal infusion serum and four new moisturisers to go along with the line up and let me tell you, they are ALL incredible, get ready to take your skincare from favourite to mind blowing! 

The new skincare line is not only inspiring but so well thought out in terms of ingredients, use and effects all in an easy 3-part ritual. Welcome, Skinsorials - a new experience based on the users skin type and the experience they want to create in terms of touch, look and smell. Harvesting naturally derived botanics and also welcoming a new game changer; the Long Life Herb which packs a higher mineral and vitamin content than spinach AND kale. Talk about superfood, say hello to SUPER SKIN! 

The Long Life Herb hailing from Okinawa, Japan is a nutrient rich herb that contains a superior mineral and vitamin complex where the residents of Okinawa swear by its properties in a healthier longer life. Okinawa is one of the worlds five blue zones in which people are known for living longer lives. Yes, thank you, I'll be taking some of that.


Pure Plush - The Pure Plush cleanser is a gentle deep cleansing foam with a beautiful marshmallow soft formula infused with Elderflower, Rosemary Extracts and mineral rich sea salts that purifies, refreshed, removes makeup and impurities whilst leaving the skin soft, clean and comfortable with an uplifting Grapefruit.

Clay Chameleon - A clay to cream cleanser that harvests the benefits from Brazilian Red Clay and minerals rich sea salts whilst enriched with Papaya and Bamboo Extracts too in order to leave the skin feeling ultimately clean and refreshed with the added pleasure of the gorgeous Bergamot and Mandarin scent. This has to be one of my favourites out of the cleansers and is just so lovely to use on the skin, usually I find clay too harsh but this formula has hit it on the head with the clay and cream so that skin isn't left feeling tight or uncomfortable. 

Blemish Remedy - An oil-free treatment cleanser formulated to treat existing blemishes and help prevent future breakouts, this gel style cleanser delivers Salicylic Acid to the skin to help unclog pores and sort out impurities with the help of Peppermint and Ginger extracts to restore calmness and clarity to the skin.

Oil Obsessed - Another favourite of mine and great to use as a one step cleanser or as part of a second cleanse routine, the Oil Obsessed total cleansing oil smoothes onto the face to dissolve every single piece of makeup and dirt from the day, emulsify with a little bit of water and voila, you have a beautiful milky emulsion that leaves the skin feeling moisturised, soft and nourished. A blend of Borage, Sunflower, Bilberry and Cucumber Oils and the healing minerals rich sea salts as well as being infused with the natural extracts of Lavender and Tangerine this cleanser feels and smells like having a spa at home.


There is only one serum in the whole new line up but don't let that fool you, it really does have a host of benefits that ANY skin type can use and see results from which is absolutely fantastic news for us who want something fuss free but full of ingredients that promise to help our skin; Skinlongevity uses it's own unique Skinmimetic Technology patented for its anti-aging properties in order to renew and replenish the skin.

Not only does this lightweight serum infusion promote the skin's vitality but it also replenishes, empowers, renews and fortifies the skins defences and enhances its resilience whilst restoring it back to its natural healthy glowy state. A hybrid formulation that absorbs almost instantly leaving the skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated, this really is a powerhouse of ingredients and antioxidant protection with the added benefit of the Long Life Herb which no other skincare or brand has.

Since using Skinlongevity my skin has looked so much healthier and I definitely have to comment on the glow factor as it really is outstanding. The infusion absorbs quick enough to be comfortable alone or under makeup but not too quick where my skin feels like I need to put a ton on which I adore as I hate my skin feeling clogged up and sticky. 


Smart Combination - Another oil-free offering in the form of a lightweight emulsion that uses the unique Intuitive Mineral Moisture Technology to replenish and deeply moisturise the skin using St. Johns Wort.

True Oasis - Being spoilt for oil-free options this gel cream gives great moisture to the skin whilst replenishing and creating a smoother, softer more resilient skin using Algae. 

Bare Haven - Stepping up on the moisture levels and my favourite of the bunch this silky nourishing moisturiser that isn't too lightweight or heavy to use in the day and evening. I love how soft this cream is and how smooth it makes my skin feel. Not only is this super refreshing but you really can notice the difference with constant use! 

Butter Drench - The richest and most moisturising of this foursome but in no means the last. Butter Drench is exactly what it sounds like, rich, intense, buttery and full of soft hydration that leaves skin feeling ultimately pampered and extra hydrated.

All of the new moisturisers have a rich blend of peptides, ceramides and amino acids to smooth texture and lessens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The moisturisers also benefit from the refreshing scent of Bergamot and Eucalyptus which really does create an aromatherapy like experience.

From left to right; Pure Plush, Skinlongevity, Butter Drench

I am so excited for this launch and really feel that this will up bareMinerals entire product catalogue. I was a fan of their old skincare but this, this is something special and the packaging? Have you seen how absolutely gorgeous and minimalist it is, it's the perfect line between simple, chic and spa like! The perfect addition to any bathroom shelf...

The new Skinsorials line up launches in Debenhams stores and online at TODAY and nationwide in stores and boutiques on the 14th-16th June!

What are your thoughts on the new skincare launch? What do you have your eyes on?


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