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Everything on Tasha Meline was created by me unless stated otherwise or unless advertised. 

PR Samples
Tasha Meline contains products purchased entirely out of my own money as well as items that may occasionally be gifted from certain companies for consideration to review. This is a PR friendly blog and as of 13th October 2013 if any company has kindly gifted me with any products to review, I WILL disclose this in the post and include all relevant information and correct links to the mentioned company/products . This will be stated by using (*) within the post.

SkimLinks & Links
In regards to product links that are mentioned on Tasha Meline I may occasionally use affiliate links if they can be found through SkimLinks. If I cannot find a relevant affiliate link for a product I am mentioning or a company has it cheaper than I will research my own links to make sure I provide you, my readers with the best deals. Using affiliate links means that if you as my reader were to purchase an item through said links then I could potentially earn a very small percentage through my affiliate links or SkimLinks. If find any offers that relate to any products I have mentioned  I will also include these as well as disclosing the valid until date (if provided) so you have a chance to use the code too. These offers may even be my own personal codes I have received and won't use and therefore will pass onto readers and share with you if I think readers can benefit from using them. 

The Honesty Policy
If I am gifted any products it is important to know that this will in no way affect my honest opinion of the product. I will always be providing you with my honest opinion whether the products are purchased out of my own money or gifted. 

I feel it is important that you trust me as not only a blogger but as a friend, giving you truthful opinions on all products reviewed. This also means that all opinions will of course be my own. All PR Samples received will be tested and checked before I write a review on them and I will make sure they adhere to the content of my blog too. 

The prizes of my giveaways on Tasha Meline or any of my social media platforms will have been bought out of my own money for that purpose. If I am lucky enough to receive prices to give away to readers from certain brands this will be disclosed within the same post as well as the company's information.

All photos on Tasha Meline are taken by me unless stated otherwise. Sometimes I do publish posts on upcoming collections and will use the company's photos or google photos etc but this will always be stipulated and linked. I therefore ask you to respect any photos I have taken myself and not to use them as your own. You are more than welcome to email me at tasha.meline@hotmail.com if you which to use a picture from Tasha Meline but this will also be at my discretion and decisions will be based on if it is appropriate to my blogs content. 

PR Companies
If you are a PR Company and would like to contact me, please email me on: tasha.meline@hotmail.com

Statistics of Tasha Meline
All statistics can be provided for Tasha Meline and I am happy to provide that information should it be of interest to a company. 

If you have any queries then please feel free to contact me on tasha.meline@hotmail.com